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PT MUNJUL PRIMA UTAMA was founded by Mr. Tris Tanoto in 1987, it has almost 20 years experience and is registered with CITES no A-ID-505 since 1996. Mr. Tris Tanoto's business is exporting arowanas using ULTRA RED brand, he has been producing generation F1-F5. The quality of super red arowanas is no doubt the premium quality and is well known amongst hobbyists. Hobbyists around the world admire Ultra Red produced by PT Munjul Prima Utama very much and have dream of owning them. Ultra Red has been exported to various countries especially Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore and Korea.

The name of Ultra Red comes from the Japanese. Since a long time ago, all farm has been sending super red arowanas and calling them super red. After a while, the Japanese realised that super red produced by PT Munjul Prima Utama looked more red in colour than the others so they gave a trade mark for PT Munjul Prima Utama's super red and called them Ultra Red, ultra meaning more than super.

Mr. Tris Tanoto has also won arowana contest held in Jakarta in 1996, in which he was allowed to participate in by bringing only 1 of his Ultra Red. All the contestants was amazed by the quality of the Ultra Red and he won the contest. According to Mr. Tris Tanoto, a good contest is where all participants paid entry fee and allowed up to 5 arowanas to compete. All of the 5 arowanas would be brought together, scored and the winner picked by visitors' votes. The jurors would also have a veto to announce the winner if visitors' vote does not match with winner's quality eg. There was a flaw in the fish. So the result of the contest would satisfy all people participating in it.

Ultra Red's special markings are red blood colour and thick scales almost 90% or up to 100% covered with red colour. The colour also covers the face and tail, the tail blooms like flower; it is called 'HONG HUA' (Red flower). Even in young Ultra Red measuring 20-25 CM we could see the premium quality. Mr. Tris Tanoto purposely put his Ultra Reds in aquariums without any background and bare aquarium. Sometimes with only white lamp shining or sun shine we can see the real colour of the Ultra Reds. This is the best way to show the real quality and colour of super red arowanas. The advantages of using bare aquarium are that the arowanas' eye will not drop and the arowanas would swim straight. In Japan, there are arowana contests using aquariums with no background to show who's super red arowanas' colour is the best and of course the winner is the Ultra Red.

Mr. Tris Tanoto is preparing his private collection, titling 'Mr Tris Tanoto Special Collection' which consists of selected super premium quality of Ultra Red, available for 'true' customers/hobbyists. Mr. Tris Tanoto has a vision to get his Ultra Red to every country in the world so when he can be proud when he visits anywhere. He is also preparing F4 and F5, which will have bloomy tail with back fin and tail seem to join together because of its big size tail. This is his new trademark called 'HONG HOA' (Red flower).

From many farms, only Mr. Tris' farm has the premium quality and this has been proven. All the customers are satisfied by owning Ultra Red. Mr. Tris Tanoto also gives warranty to buy back his Ultra Red for 80% of the selling price, if the arowanas condition is still up and good even though he sells with premium price. Mr. Tris Tanoto can do that because of his love and passion to the arowanas.

Mr. Tris Tanoto is using DNA identification technique to know if the super red arowanas returned are his products. According to him, using microchip can't guarantee 100% because microchip can be moved to another arowana. He has also been doing a lot of research and has his own lab to determine disease / virus are attacking his arowanas, so that suitable medicine can be used and not by trial and error which can harm the arowanas themselves. He has also been using CCTV for 10 years to observe and study the fish movement.

Yearly production of PT Munjul Prima Utama is not high, so that quality is maintained. If there is a less-than-premium quality arowana, it is usually given for free to closed friends. There was a case when exporting to Taiwan, there are some problems in the arowana, Mr. Tris delayed the shipment and replaced the fish with other healthy Ultra Red. This is what he tried to maintain, so that customers will not be disappointed because he knows customers want premium quality in exchange of the premium price they paid. Mr. Tris Tanoto has also sold to hobbyist with specific requirements such as the hobbyist is a real hobbyist, knows how to keep and care for the arowana and has money to spend; so that he can be sure that the arowana would be taken good care of.

Now Mr. Tris Tanoto is building a new pond to increase his production. In the new pond arowana breeders generation F4 will be put to produce F5. The new pond uses a strong brick wall and steel wood called berlian wood which is heat resistance and waterproof for tens of years. He is also building a lot of such tailor-made aquariums. Really heavy aquariums indeed. Water source is from nature / river, the water is treated before being used and flow into the arowana ponds.

According to Mr. Tris Tanoto, arowanas can keep producing up to 35 years, the only thing is that we have to know how. We should not let the arowana breeders to produce continuously in a year but have to be treated after breeding process. This is because male arowana lacks to eat when it keeps its eggs in the mouth so its condition is not so good. So a better way to handle this is to separate arowana breeders after production and specially treats them with special feeding to improve their condition, and hence can produce up to 35 years.

According to Mr. Tris Tanoto super red arowanas can be divided into two, synthetic dan authentic, where synthetic means using medicine to beautify the arowana while authentic is the origin of the arowana is good quality so without using anything they will be well developed. From experience, Mr. Tris Tanoto believes that gold will be gold, even it is thrown to dirt. The same applies with super red arowanas with genuine genetics, if they were put in bare aquarium, they will still look red. It also means that red breeder being cross by another red breeder will result in red fries. This is Mr. Tris Tanoto's principal in selecting premium super red arowana breeders which has resulted in unmatched quality of his Ultra Red. 10% of the fries are always kept to become future breeders.

His other principal is: lying to others is the same as lying to yourself. It is unethical to lie to others, and lying to yourself is worse.


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